Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finding cool stuff...volume items


It's a chilly winter Saturday afternoon and you're roaming the Youth and Parent Services Department for a book or audio book to take home with you. You know that one of the librarians would love to help you with your search, but you're in the browsing mood and looking for something to "jump out at you."


Whenever I am in this mood I like to head over to the section where we keep all of our new items. Anything that is new on the market is kept in this area, and can be identified by a red dot below the call number. Along with being new and shiny, these titles stand a good chance of being the "talked about items." If you know that the next entry in a cool series came out recently (I'm looking at you Diary of a Wimpy Kid), this would be a good section to check out! If you want to see if your favorite author has anything new on the shelf, this would be a good place to look.

Food for thought

Always remember that you can visit a librarian if you don't find what you were hoping for. Super popular new titles are often checked out, in which case we can gladly place the item on hold for you. Until then, enjoy your time browsing!