Saturday, April 30, 2011

Get Caught Reading!

May brings us closer to the end of another school year. It brings flowers and fresh grass, warmer temperatures and returning flocks of birds. We are allowed to lie under a tree and read our favorite books... and speaking of reading our favorite books...May is Get Caught Reading Month.

The idea is simple...we have an opportunity to get caught doing something positive and spread the word that reading is great in so many ways. We catch our patrons reading at the library all of the time. This is our chance to remind everyone how much fun reading is!

Personally, I like getting caught reading at the park, on the train, at family events, anywhere in my house, in a restaurant...pretty much anywhere I can bring my book! So try and see how many different places you can get caught reading. And if you need some books to get you started, swing by the library for suggestions!