Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The final countdown!

The days are slowly getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler and we are starting to hear chatter at the library about a place called "school." After some intense research, I have learned that it's true, school is just around the corner...

That does not mean you shouldn't enjoy your last week of summer fun though! Whether you are looking for one last great summer read, or would like to grab a book about what your first few days of school will be about, we are here to help.

Maybe there was a movie you've been meaning to see all summer, but haven't gotten the chance to do so? Well now is the time to sneak in a few more fun suumer nights! I have heard that these
movies are fairly popular...

So whatever you are looking for, even if its just a place to hang out, come on down to the library...we'd love to hear about your summer!