Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I just finished reading a really interesting article, which can be found here on The Huffington Post.  For all of you awesome kids who are busy running through sprinklers and catching fireflies, I'll sum up the basic questions raised in the article.  Although, you may wish to have your parents read the article!

Basically, do you (the reader) find that reading on a digital platform (fancy talk for e-book, ipad, laptop etc...) gives you the same experience as reading with a friend or parent.  Are the interactions with the story the same?  Do you ever read a story on a web-site and find that there are grammatical errors?  Do  you ever read a story on a web-site and wish you could ask questions about the plot?  As we all spend more and more time reading things and learning online, its important for all of us to share our experiences with each other about the positives and negatives associated with these new formats.

Talk to your parents, (or your librarians!!!) about what you like and don't like about reading books in digital formats.  What do really love about reading physical books?  Are the digital versions giving you a similar experience?  What do you love about digital books that perhaps "old-fashioned" books lack? 

Remember that you guys and gals are customers and patrons, and that your feedback will help steer the future of reading!  Pretty neat, huh?  So next time you are in the library, tell us how you feel about this brave new world of "books."