Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Play Ball!

The 2013 Major Legue Baseball season is about 2 weeks into "the swing" of things.  Whether you are a Mets fan, a Yankees fan, or an unfortunate Pittsburgh Pirates fan it doesn't matter.  We all have hope in April that this could be the year that our team wins the World Series. Well, except for Pirates fans, who just hope to have their first winning record in 20 years.
We have plenty of non-fiction titles about your favorite team or player.  So if you want to learn about the Mets, or Derek Jeter, or about the history and rules of the game...just follow the link.
There is also a great chapter book series by Dan Gutman about a boy named Stosh who travels back in time to deal with historically based dilemmas with the aid of a famous ballplayer of that time period.  Great historical fiction combines historically accurate events with entertaining storytelling and this series is no exception!  If you'd like to sift through our collection of baseball related fiction, click here.
Either way, I hope you all enjoy the season and that your team does well.  Except, of course, if they are playing "my team."  If you want to know who your librarian roots for, you'll just have to come visit the library and ask!