Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The perfect time to start a new series!


Are you struggling to find something to read?  Have you recently read a great book, but didn't know what to pick next?  Finding a great series can solve these problems.  If you like the first book, you don't have to struggle looking for something to read for quite a while.  All that you have to do is continue along with the adventure.  With the constant snow falling (perhaps you may have noticed!), I'm guessing that entertaining books are at a premium...with that in mind, here are a pair of recommendations! 

The 39 Clues series follows brother and sister, Dan and Amy Cahill in a global adventure.  Per the wishes of their grandmothers' will, they race fellow family members in a quest to uncover clues to a family "secret" offering great power and wealth.  Each book is written by a different prominent author.  If you like mystery, adventure and history you may want to start with book one, The Maze of Bones.


The Red Pyramid is the first book in the Kane Chronicles series.  You may have heard of the author, Rick Riordan.  He wrote another very popular series for tweens and teens called Percy Jackson and the Olympians.   The Kane Chronicles follows Carter and Sadie Kane on a dangerous global journey following the release of an Egyptian god.  Along the way, Carter and Sadie also uncover information regarding their family lineage and history.  This is another series for those who enjoy adventure and globe trotting. 

Of course there are many other great series that we would be more than happy to tell you about.  Ask a librarian the next time you visit!