Monday, August 6, 2012

A Reading Reminder...

We've noticed that a lot of you have been busy reading and recording your books at the library all summer.  As a reminder, the final parties for all of our reading clubs are fast approaching!  In order to be a part of the fun, be sure to come in and let us know about the great books you've been enjoying.  It's not too late to come in and join the reading club for your age group! 

I've noticed a few titles circulating quite a bit.  One of my personal favorites is Chalk.  This picture book follows the adventures of a group of kids and the magical sidewalk chalk they utilize at a park playground.  As the cover clearly illustrates, dinosaurs are involved!   

There is something about the summer that always brings a renewed interest in pirates.  Maybe it's all of those days at the beach?  If you're looking to work on your "ayy's and arghhss," look no further than I love My Pirate Papa!