Wednesday, August 15, 2012

As the summer goes...

We have been hosting our reading club final parties and reflecting on what was a very busy, and very fun, summer.  A lot of folks are still streaming in looking for books that they have to read for their respective schools.  Others are picking out books of their choosing, going on one last adventure before the school bell rings...We still have three weeks of good times left!  If you haven't gotten the chance to crack open that one book you promised yourself you'd read this summer, swing by the library and grab it!

For those of you who are starting to anticipate the change to a new grade level, a new school, or a new reading level, we have many books on the subject.  If you are particularly worried about "the first day," check out these titles!  A librarian can also show you the types of books you can expect to read in the coming year.  Our graded reading lists can be helpful, as well.

If you are neither interested in finding one last book to read, nor thinking about the upcoming school year, then please enjoy the sunshine!  And then come visit us!