Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Can you believe it's November?

The turmoil caused by Hurricane Sandy, followed by an early snowstorm, has certainly made me feel like mid-November snuck up on us!  Yesterday I had a conversation about Thanksgiving plans without actually realizing that "turkey day" is about one week away!  How did that happen?

We should probably start reading some fall/harvest/Thanksgiving books to get us geared up for the holiday!  If you'd like to learn about harvesting fruits and vegetables and the process required to get those delicious foods to your table, check out these books.  Remember, apple pie doesn't grow on trees! Although the world would probably be a better place if it did...

If you would prefer to kick back and read some stories about Thanksgiving, check out these books.  And if you are curious about the history of Thanksgiving, we have plenty of material on that topic, as well.  Either way, we hope you are all safe, and look forward to seeing you soon.