Saturday, December 15, 2012

Your favorite books...

After a full calendar year of joyous reading, everyone has an opinion on what their favorite book was.  All sorts of folks weigh in...parents, teachers librarians, journalists...I feel as if I am forgetting someone. Who could that be?  Oh, that's right, YOU, THE READER!!!

Many lists, awards, and accolades will be given in order to celebrate picture and chapter books.  For more information on the various American Library Association awards, check out this link!  The New York Times recently published a list of those books which they deemd exceptional.  In fairness, we librarians love discussing which books should win which awards.  Similar to sports writers speculating on MVP awards, or movie buffs predicting Oscar winners, librarians enjoy picking their favorite books of the year.  We really love it when "our picks" turn out to be winners :)

For all of this hoopla, however, we would love to know what your favorite books were.  After all, it is you, the reader, for whom this entire industry exists.  So please, the next time you stop into the library let us know about the books you really enjoyed reading this year.